The Oceans Podcast

Episode 4: Ocean Aimee - Life behind the lens.

December 6, 2019

In this episode, we chat to Aimee Jan, a professional underwater photographer. Aimee has an incredible passion for marine life and her love for the ocean shines through her images.Beginning her ocean journey in New Zealand, Aimee developed an early fascination with whales. This enchantment has led her to seek out an array of unbelievable encounters, and we touch on some of the most memorable experiences.We discuss the challenges of underwater photography and what it takes to get " That Shot."If you'd like to check out Aimee's breath-taking work, you can follow her on Instagram @ oceanaimeeBe sure to follow us on Instagram @ theoceanspodcast Lastly, be sure to check out TAKE 3 FOR THE SEA to find out how you can help and have a positive impact on our oceans//

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