The Oceans Podcast

Episode 3: Greg Pickering - Once shy twice bitten.

November 26, 2019

In this episode, we have a great chat with Greg Pickering.Starting as a youngster gazing into the deep blue, Greg developed a fascination with the ocean which has led him to win multiple spearfishing competitions and professional abalone diving.Greg's love for the ocean and diving has taken him around Australia and the world searching for large fish and new experiences.He openly shares his experiences with shark attacks and how it's changed his values and what he finds most important in life.We chat about the challenges of always being in the water and how his deep love for the ocean keeps calling him back.Touch base with Greg via Facebook if you have any questions - Greg Pickering.Be sure to check out TAKE 3 FOR THE SEA to find out how you can help and have a positive impact on our oceans.//

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