The Oceans Podcast

Episode 2: Viktor Reshetniak - 100m on a single breath.

October 3, 2019

In this episode, we chat to Viktor Reshetniak, a Ukrainian world-class free diver from living in the Philippines.We chat about what sparked his initial curiosity, what it took to achieve his goals, and what has led him to reach a depth of 100m during competition. Viktor shares the feelings and emotions of deep diving and a valuable outlook on his training and time in the water.We dive into the evolution of the sport and what the future holds. In most sports, you hear the words "90% mental, 10% physical". Never has this been truer than when talking about freediving.Touching on nutrition and life as a freediving instructor, Viktor informs us of where we can seek out courses.Cool, calm and collected. Those words perfectly describe the softy spoken Ukrainian, and even when touching on the subject of shallow water blackout, there is no sense of doubt of uncertainly in his words.When freediving, always remember that the number one thing you must always do is never dive alone. Go with a bu...

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