The Oceans Podcast

Episode 1: Andre and the sea - A dive into the life of a true ocean warrior.

October 3, 2019

In this week’s episode, we chat to Andre Rerekura. Andre is an incredible water-man living in Exmouth, Western Australia. From pearl diving to underwater videography, he's not only made a living from the ocean but also experienced the incredible wonders the sea has to offer. He shares what drew him to the ocean, as well as the evolution of his ocean lifestyle.We chat about commercial diving, a recent trip to Raja Ampat, the presence of plastics in the Archipelago and what everyone can do to reduce the plastic tide, shallow water blackout and more.Andres passion for the ocean shines through the stories he has to share.If you are interested in knowing more about Andre or his work you can visit his website//www.andrererekuracreative.comAnd on Instagram - andrererekuracreativeTo check out the vessel Infamous, you can check them out on Instagram - infamis_expeditionsBe sure to check out TAKE 3 FOR THE SEA to find out how you can help and have a positive impact on our oceanshttps:/...

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